No Personality

Originally, this post started out with me writing about friendships, and how most of them fail due to actions of both parties, although most people like to blame it on the other person. I’m a firm believer in accepting the fact that I am human, far from perfect, constantly making mistakes. I am awesome and weird. I like to think I’m unique, or at least as unique as one can be nowadays. I am one of a kind.

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All The Emotions

Yesterday’s Arts Walk was intense, to say the least. I knew it was going to be a lot of work, but I had no idea of the events that would unfold. The last few have been rained out, and I was hoping that wouldn’t happen again, because I had been planning this for so long. Well, instead it was 95 degrees and clear, with the sun beating down on us, and no shade whatsoever in the Artist’s Lot.


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5 Places I Want to Go in 2016 – No 1

I read a post recently over on A Beautiful Mess about 5 places she wants to go in 2016. It was inspiring so I decided to write my own version.

Realistically there are more than 5 places I’d love to go, but won’t get to this year. I guess I could write a list about ALL the places I’d like to go, EVER, but that would be quite a list. I’m going to split this into 5 posts, so you don’t feel like you’re reading a novel 😉

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