Infertility and… Business?

Here’s a rant for you, just to get a little something off my chest.

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Boy, I really am a terrible blogger. But I promise, my skills as a writer are not the only thing that have kept me away. Most of my time since my last post has been spent focused on RSAStudios. It’s been very exciting and has kept me busy. My shop has been open since the end of March, but more than half of my orders occurred last month! I’ve been working on new products, shapes, and getting new colors in stock. If you haven’t had a chance, head over to RSAStudios on etsy.

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They’re Here, They’re Here!

It’s been a long time coming, but they have finally arrived! My painted clutches are assembled and boy, are they beautiful! I kind of want to keep them ALL for myself, but as I already promised I’d be selling them, I suppose I can’t go back on my work…

I’m still working on a few finishing touches, like adding wrist straps and cross body straps to a few of the styles. The straps will be removable for those of you who would prefer to carry them in hand, of course.

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New Shapes!

New shapes are almost here! I have been working on trying to come up with a new, unique shape for my leather earrings. The leather earrings game is saturated with tear drop and feather shaped earrings. Seriously, everywhere I look, I see tear drops in every shape possible (Yes there are different shaped tear drops). I wanted something different when I started out, so I started with the circles. They look great on me, so I started pumping them out like nobody’s business.

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RSA Studios

I am so incredibly excited to announce the opening of my newest shop, RSA Studios! It’s been something I’ve had on my mind for a while, but knew it was going to be a big undertaking. As I’ve started clearing out RebeccaSteenCrafts of items that don’t sell or that I have no interest in making, I realized that no matter how much I cleared out, my earrings were not going to fit in. My crafts shop will remain open, but with far fewer items. I will be focusing on home decor, which includes the wooden wall signs, cross stitch wall decor, and decorative mirrors.

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The War on Weight

Last night my husband mentioned to me that we received the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. A few years ago, this would have bothered me. I would have been upset that he announced it to me, as well as that he felt the need to even look at it. Most of you probably realize, as a subscriber to Sports Illustrated, the Swimsuit Edition is automatically included. We don’t pay extra for it. We don’t go out of our way to make sure we receive it. And if I just happened to throw it away, he wouldn’t miss it.

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Product Review

Hey all! Today I’m going to be reviewing a few products I’ve been using. These are samples I have received in beauty boxes, through the mail, or just products I’ve fallen in love with. Enjoy


Clockwise, from left to right – Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes, Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother, Attitude Shampoo Volume & Shine, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

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More Reviews Coming Soon!

DSC02634Hello there! I’m working on getting some more reviews up, hopefully by the end of the week! I just received a new Target Beauty Box so of course I’m working on trying out all of the products 🙂 It looks like they’re starting to put this box out on a more regular basis, which is awesome! I’ve found that it is by far the most useful out of all the boxes I have tried. Of course that’s because I’m not crazy into makeup.


Thanks for being patient with me!


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