Collage Paintings

Over the years, I have painted a lot. I currently have almost 150 paintings listed in my Etsy shop, RebeccaSteenPaints. Of course, not all paintings make it that far. Some start out as great ideas but somewhere along the way they morph into something so hideous that I’m afraid to show anyone, or even tell them about it. Eric sees most of my paintings, but there are even some that are hidden from him…

This is where the idea of painted purses came from. Of course I didn’t originate the idea, I saw an Australian artist making them years ago. But once I saw them, I realized it was the best way to get rid of sort of ugly paintings.

Late last year I started adding to the paintings, here and there, until I thought they looked suitable to be turned into purses. I liked them more as purses (the idea at least) but then I saw them turned into purses and was amazed at the transformation.

However, I have also started painting on paper. Paper can not be turned into a purse. So what do I do with all those horrible looking paintings on paper?!

This. I turn them into beautiful woven collages. They have gone from being ugly simple paintings to beautiful woven masterpieces. If I do say so myself…

Head over to RebeccaSteenPaints to check them out!


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