Summer Slump

Even though here in California we don’t have typical fall weather, it’s still my favorite season. I hate the heat, I don’t do well in it. I also hate the summer slump. If you don’t know what that is, you probably don’t own a handmade business.

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Collage Paintings

Over the years, I have painted a lot. I currently have almost 150 paintings listed in my Etsy shop, RebeccaSteenPaints. Of course, not all paintings make it that far. Some start out as great ideas but somewhere along the way they morph into something so hideous that I’m afraid to show anyone, or even tell them about it. Eric sees most of my paintings, but there are even some that are hidden from him…

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Boy, I really am a terrible blogger. But I promise, my skills as a writer are not the only thing that have kept me away. Most of my time since my last post has been spent focused on RSAStudios. It’s been very exciting and has kept me busy. My shop has been open since the end of March, but more than half of my orders occurred last month! I’ve been working on new products, shapes, and getting new colors in stock. If you haven’t had a chance, head over to RSAStudios on etsy.

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