Vacations and Staycations

June is filled with fun things! Because of this, my shops will all be closed periodically.

June 10-12th I’m heading to Vegas for some fun with friends, hopefully a lot of pool lounging, and a buffet (or two…) The 13th and 14th, I’ll be headed to Temecula for some relaxing family time with my cousin. I know you’re thinking, “But what about husband?!” Well don’t you worry, he’ll be gone for 6 days, on a trip toΒ Georgia, and a train trip home.

I also get to spend the 17th with a few more friends, for some fun in the sun, all day at the beach. First beach day of the summer! Woo hoo!

So if you’re hoping to snag something form one of my Etsy shops (RebeccaSteenPaints, RebeccaSteenCrafts, RSAStudios) or my Poshmark closet, grab it while you can!

I’m also going to be spending a fair amount of time creating, and far less amount of time listing new items for the forseeable future.

Hope you all have some fun upcoming plans as well!


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