Exciting Things

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting my art on products for some time now, but this week I have been putting in the work to actually make it happen. As an artist, it’s such an exciting thing to have ways to get your art out into the world, without necessarily having to sell all your originals. Now, that’s not to say I don’t want to sell ANY of my original works, because believe me, I have STACKS of paintings in my home… but I also have my favorites hanging on my walls, and I have grown accustomed to seeing them there.

Now, with the help of awesome websites like RedBubble and Zazzle I can release my art to a broader audience, and on far more products than I ever would be able to do on my own. So now, if you want to carry around a RebeccaSteen original on a coffee mug, or have it on your mouse pad, or even on your couch pillows, you can! There are sooo many options to choose from!

The way these sites work is simple. They have a product that has a base price. I add a percentage on top of the base price, which becomes my profit. The two prices add together to create the retail sale price. They also offer coupons and promotions constantly.

Right now, on Zazzle you can receive 25% off ANY purchase, using code MEMORIALDAY. This coupon code is valid through Monday 5/30

I’m currently in the process of adding more paintings into both stores, so right now there is a limited rang of my art. If you have a piece in mind that you don’t see in either store, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll make sure to get it onto the products you’re looking for!

Personally, I’m excited to order one of those travel mugs 😉 Take a look and tell me which products are your favorites!


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