Life Happens

I’m back! The last few weeks have been a little overwhelming, what with the preparing for my Arts Walk, the cancelling of my Arts Walk, the mental breakdown that came from said cancellation, and then picking myself back up from feeling pretty lousy about the whole thing. I also was without a phone for almost a whole week which was extremely frustrating, due to the necessity of apps like Instagram and Snapchat for my art, as well as Poshmark for selling my clothes. But this week I have a temporary phone, and a little room to breathe.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the June Arts Walk will not get rained out, but at the same time, I am not holding my breath. I realize I can not rely on it as a main route for selling my art, but as an additional way to sell. So I return to editing my Etsy shops, hoping that after their major overhaul, my shop traffic will pick up again.

As for Poshmark, I’m killin’ it! Guys I am seriously addicted! I really enjoy the entire process, from researching pricing, to taking and editing photos, and then listing and waiting. I also started interacting with other shops which is a great way to get more people to view my items! I also really enjoy including the little notes in each package, about WHY I am selling my clothes on Poshmark (which is basically to fund my art) and people seem to love that I am sharing that information with them.

I’m also starting to have more ‘deals’ in my shops, especially RSA Studios, where I will be offering free earrings with purchases, $$’s off large transactions, and giveaways!

If you stuck around, thanks, I really appreciate it. I’m hoping to update a bit more soon. Exciting things are coming to my shops, so keep an eye out!


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