Buy My Art! (Or at least someones)

It has been a truly busy couple of weeks! There have been quite a few times where I wanted to jump on here and post something, but then I would think about something else that needed to get done, and off I would go!

This week I’ve got the Riverside Arts Walk, on Thursday night, and I’m almost fully prepared! Yay! I have done so much making in the past week or so, in order to add a little heft to the collection I’m taking with me. I also decided not to bring any canvas paintings, as this is more of a craft fair. However, I did decided to mat some of my paintings on paper, and seal them in cellophane bags. They’re so much less bulky and won’t take away from all of the signs and jewelry I’m taking, but they will however show what I am capable of as an artist.

We’re in what’s considered the start of the outdoor craft show season, and it has really got me thinking lately about what it really means to be an artist. I think a lot of people that know me, know that I take it seriously. Some people who know me a little less though, might think that I do this is a “hobby,” but I don’t think that any artist really does it as a hobby. We don’t do it to kill time, or because we need to decorate and we found some cool DIY on pinterest, or even because we just like it. We feel it. We are passionate about it. Whether we do it full time or part time, it IS our true career. Whether we make money off of it or not, it is our job. We feel that it is our responsibility to get beauty into the world, to encourage the purchase of art, and to support other makers.

I want you to buy my art, of course. I would love to be able to contribute to my families finances by selling my work. I mean, that would be ideal, right? But you know what, not everyone is going to like my art. And that is 100% okay with me. But what really makes me happy, is just to see people purchasing art. Real art. Not the mass produced crap you buy from hobby lobby and not prints of famous paintings from museums, by artists long gone. Find a local artist you love or find an artist from across the world, read their story, buy their art.

A few years ago I found an artist on Etsy who creates these fabulous water colors of animals doing fun things. I fell in love with them the minute I saw the first one. But after a while I found two pieces in her shop that I felt a real connection with. They were so simple, and perfectly described both my husband and I, in a piece of art, without the use of words. I have them hanging in my front entryway and I still look at them every single day. The artist’s name is Deidre Wicks, and she runs a shop on Etsy called WaterInMyPaint. I also own a Dolan Geiman, which Eric purchased for me for our anniversary. He is an amazing mixed media artist, who specializes in using found materials.

Through the amazingness of Instagram, I have had the opportunity to connect with other amazing artists, such as Angelique Devitte who creates the most amazing marsh paintings, Melanie Roach who paints the most simple yet complex pieces, and Sally Rebl who creates these amazing #onepaintingfourways using every color imagineable. Honestly the list goes on and on. I could sit on Instagram all day, every day, admiring the works of these ladies, as well as many others. Instead though, I create, because I aspire to inspire other artists, as these artists have done for me.

So visit a small gallery, peruse the art section on Etsy, or find your favorite artist on Instagram. Everyone should find art that they can appreciate. Art doesn’t just make your home more beautiful, it makes the world more beautiful.


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