May Arts Walk

The Arts Walk always feels like it comes up so fast… It’s 3 weeks from today and I still have sooo much work to do. Most of my earrings are not ready-to-ship items, as they’re relatively quick to make. But I want to take them to the Arts Walk, so I have to get assembling! I also have to make price signs for each item, add them to my Square account, figure out the setup, and get everything packed up in time. It’s a lot.

But I am for sure glad I am doing it. I had signed up a little too late for the April show, but it got rained out anyway. It gave me extra time to get prepared though, so that worked out in my favor. I’m hoping that the May show doesn’t get rained out!

As well as show prep, I also have to finish cutting the vinyl and fabric for the clutches – to send to my mom – and also take new photos of earrings for RSA Customs. I also want to photograph all of the signs I’ve made for the show, and get those items into my Etsy shop. I’m definitely looking forward to being more prepared this time around 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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