Clutches and Progress

A few weeks ago, my mom came and stayed with Eric and I for a few days. We were finally able to go shopping together for the supplies for the painted clutches that I mentioned a few posts back. We ended up hammering out all the details and I was really glad to see how excited she was by it. I showed her all the different clutch shapes as well as card cases, passport holders, and key chains. It all started to feel real once I purchased the fabric and vinyl. We settled on a few details that I was having a hard time making my mind up about (Thread color, velcro color, etc) and that definitely helped ease my mind.

After comparing prices, we decided to order the vinyl on because it was about half the price as in store, and shipping wasn’t much. Last week after I got home from vacation, the roll finally showed up. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it came in this giant, long and skinny box, which made it seem really daunting. I left it sitting for a few days until I finally worked up the nerve to open it and see what I was dealing with. I opened it up in the living room (The only room large enough to accommodate the giant box) and it was beautiful. It made me so excited for what’s to come!


So that day I began to cut the vinyl and let me tell you, it is back breaking work. When Eric came home from work that night, I was in so much pain from sitting on the floor and then being on my knees, and leaning over the vinyl. Not to mention how bad my hand hurt from the scissors. But I got all the main pieces cut out, which leaves me with only the smaller detailed pieces. Unfortunately, I think that will be just as much, if not more work, because of how precise I need to be. But it’s all coming together, and that is super exciting! I’m hoping to finish up the cutting this week, so I can send all the supplies to my mom and she can start sewing 🙂

We also worked on pricing. This was the hardest part in my opinion. These clutches are taking a lot of work to make, and as much as I love making them, my time is valuable. On top of that, my mom’s time is valuable. AND ON TOP OF THAT… supplies cost money. So we tried to come up with reasonable prices, but also fair prices, to cover time and material. I think in the end, we’ve priced them so that there’s a price for everyone. The smaller clutches and card cases are really reasonably priced. The largest clutch is a little bit on the expensive side, but as these items are Fine Art accessories, it’s very much worth the price!

So keep your eyes peeled, sometime in May these will be released! I’m super excited!!


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