The 100 Day Project

I am so excited to announce that I will be joining in on the fun this year, with the 100 Day Project. If you don’t know what this is, check out @elleluna on Instagram. For those that do not have Instagram, I am including a few of her photos about the project.


I have seen a lot of artists over the past 6 months or so doing similar projects, or catching up on their project from last year, or just using the idea as a guideline to keep them creating. It really is a wonderful idea.

I am participating because I want to see where it takes me and my creative process. My studio style is severely lacking in order and I want to get better at doing my art daily, instead of just “when I feel like it.”

You can follow along with my journey on Instagram at #rspaints100days. I will also post updates here, about how I feel it’s going, my accomplishments, and even my failures. To me, the point of this is to not only get myself painting daily, but also to realize that not every piece I create needs to be a fantastic work of art, or even put up for sale.

I will be creating these daily works on 7″x10″ acid free mixed media paper. The small size feels more manageable, as well as easier to take on vacations.

I encourage others to take part in this challenge! You can pick something creative that suits you.



I look forwards to seeing all of the other participants work as well!


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