5 Places I Want to Go in 2016 – No 4

I started out not being able to think of places I really wanted to visit this year, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more places are popping into my head. I was probably thinking too grand at first, but now that I’m thinking smaller, there are quite a few more than 5 places…

No 4 – Camping

We don’t go camping every year, which is a real shame. We pretty much have all the camping gear we need for a simple trip. The first time we went, we were with my family and we didn’t have a lot of gear, so we borrowed everything from my dad, who has a plethora. But after being married for a few years, we acquired quite a few pieces of our own. My dad gave us a tent and a cooler. We also bought a second cooler, as well as a propane stove, a few camping chairs. I already owned a sleeping bag (from my emergency car kit, when I lived in Colorado) but we bought one for Eric.

Last year, we went camping in Idyllwild, with our friend Jason. It was probably the most relaxing camping trip we have taken so far. We laid around in hammocks (Supplied by my dad) during the day and played dominoes or cards at night. And we drank a lot. It was AWESOME.

2015-08-21 16.34.34


In 2013 we went to Crystal Lake and unfortunately it was terrible. Eric got really sick the afternoon we got up there, and the next day he woke up feeling like death. We thought about going home, but instead decided to stick it out. He basically spent the whole day in the tent while Jason and I hung out and read our books. Even aside from Eric being sick, we didn’t enjoy the location. The other campers weren’t very considerate. They were up until after 2am, blasting their music extremely loud and yelling. I doubt we will go back there.



This year I’d really like to go a bit further away for a camping trip. We had planned a trip to Kern in 2014, but at the time I started a new job and was still in my probation period, so we had to cancel. I’d really love to try and get out there for a trip. I suppose though, no matter where we go for our camping trip this year, it will be much easier to plan, now that I work from home. I’m really looking forward to it!

Keep an eye out for No 5!

Hope your week is going well!


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