5 Places I Want to Go in 2016 – No 3

Sorry I’ve kept you waiting for installment 3 of the 5 places I want to go this year! I hit a mental block and couldn’t figure out where else I wanted to go!  Just being honest 😛

No 3 – Museums & Galleries

I’m not sure, maybe this seems silly, but as an artist, I feel like I have not been to nearly enough art museums. When Eric and I went to New York last year we hit up MOMA, The Guggenheim, and The Met. The only museum that I’ve been to in L.A. is MOCA. I definitely feel like I’m missing out. So this year I’m hoping to get to a few more local museums.


The Getty is No1 on my list. I honestly can not believe I have never been there before! But there are also a lot of little local museums all over Southern California. I feel like I’ve been missing out.

I also don’t visit art galleries often enough. We have a lot of galleries located very close, in Downtown Riverside. I have walked past quite a few but have never been inside to see what local artists are creating. As an artist myself, I feel like I should at least see what is happening in my local art scene.

I’m going to make it my goal to visit an art gallery or museum at least every few weeks or so. I’m lucky that my husband enjoys those things as well so we can do it together 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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