March Madness

I can’t believe it’s already March 4th. Seriously, as I get older, time flies by so fast. As a kid, summers felt so long! It was only the last few weeks that seemed to go by quick, as we were stocking up on school supplies and new clothes. Now it feels like months pass in the blink of an eye. I feel like New Years just passed.

This month is going to be somewhat busy. I don’t know that it’s much busier than most months, it just seems like it. We’ve got family dinners, a wedding reception for a friend, a wedding for a cousin, AND I’m prepping for the Riverside Arts Walk.

After my little hiatus from Instagram and Facebook (Business accounts), I felt like I didn’t want to just jump back into posting 4 times a day, because then what would have been the point of taking that time off? So instead I’m working on posting once a day, a more meaningful post. I’m spending a few days here and there taking really nice professional looking photos of my product in large quantities, so that my daily posting time is much more quick and efficient.


As far as prepping for the Arts Walk, I’m really trying to get a bunch more signs made. I won’t be taking as many paintings this time. It seems that art doesn’t sell as well at those types of events, unless it’s priced really low. As my paintings aren’t priced low, I feel that space could be better used by filling it with home decor and jewelry. So my mission this month is to really focus on creating and building up inventory of signs, cross stitch, and earrings.

I’m really excited, as this will be my second craft show! I felt like the first one was a success, because I was able to hand out business cards and get a feel for the Arts Walk. I sold a few things, but that wasn’t my main concern at that show. But now that I know the basics of how it runs, I really look forward to being able to sell a bit more!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂


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