Earring Sale!

Who doesn’t love a sale? Better yet, who doesn’t love a sale on jewelry? Besides men, they don’t count.


Well here it is! All leather earrings over at RebeccaSteenCrafts are 40% off when you use code FriendsWithBenefits at checkout! So now you can buy those earrings you’ve been hesitating to try, because you’re not sure if you want a big pair, a small pair, or studs! Not into leather? I’ve got felt backed vinyl earrings as well!


The best part?? You have all the way until March 31st to snag as many pairs as you want! The only catch is that you must make a minimum of $5 purchase, but none of my earrings are priced under $5!


So grab a few pairs for yourself, a pair for your mom, your sister, your best friend, your neighbor, your kids favorite teacher, your cousin, your hairstylist, your mail lady, your grocer, your sister in law, and your friend’s daughter! WHEW, that’s a lot of earrings! Thank goodness they’re 40% off   😀


And don’t forget to spread the good news! Feel free to share this coupon code with anyone you think might love a pair of leather earrings! Which is just about anyone (Unless your best friend is Vegan)

Happy Leap Day!


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