Product Review

Hey all! Today I’m going to be reviewing a few products I’ve been using. These are samples I have received in beauty boxes, through the mail, or just products I’ve fallen in love with. Enjoy


Clockwise, from left to right – Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes, Garnier Ultra-Lift Targeted Line Smoother, Attitude Shampoo Volume & Shine, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream


Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes 30ct $5.69



I have a very complicated night time routine that consists of first wiping my makeup off with some sort of makeup removing or cleansing towelette before I wash my face with acne wash, use a Noxzema or Oxy pad, and then finish off with an under eye cream and usually a night time lotion.YEAH. I KNOW. But it’s the only thing that I have found that works for keeping my drains and my pores clear.

These wipes are great. They get all my makeup off, including my mascara, and leave behind a slight tingling sensation. They’re hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and 98% natural. Can’t beat that right? And as for being a natural product, which is usually really expensive, these aren’t bad, especially if you buy the bulk pack.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream for Extra Dry Skin 1.7oz $17.99 –



I love this stuff. I get extra dry skin right around my eyebrows, my nose, and my chin and this stuff makes my skin feel so moisturized. I thought for sure because it was a gel, thst it would leave me feeling oily, but it doesn’t! It soaks in super well and leaves my skin really soft.


Attitude Shampoo Volume & Shine 12oz $7.99



I received this in the Target Beauty Box. You can tell by the packaging that I squeezed every last drop out of it. That should pretty obviously tell you how I feel about the product. It left my hair feeling as clean as if I’d used a clarifying shampoo. It smells clean and left my hair smelling great. If you don’t mind the price tag, I’d recommend picking up a bottle for yourself!


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 70mL $24 –



I was using this every night before bed. It is a weird gel like consistency that left my skin feeling sort of sticky. Because of that, I assumed I would wake up in the morning and my face would be one giant zit. But alas! It didn’t make me break out, which was super surprising to me. It did however make my skin feel like I just went to a spa and spent a butt load of money to get crazy pampered! WORTH IT.


Garnier Ultra-Life Targeted Line Smoother 15mL $7.99 –



This stuff is basically meant for crow’s feet, which thankfully I do not yet have. I do have weird smile lines around my mouth though, which is odd because I don’t smile a lot. So I used this stuff improperly, and basically just rubbed it all over my face. I do not regret the decision. It gave my face a nice smooth canvas for putting my makeup on.


I hope that this was helpful! Let me know if you try any of these products, I’d love to know your opinion on them!

Hope your weekend is great!


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