As Promised – Home Tour

Well I promised a few posts back that I would start keeping it real by giving a tour of my home, so here it is! I didn’t clean or straighten up before taking these photos. In fact, I took them while my house was the messiest that it ever really gets. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me start by giving you the basic rundown of the space we’re in. Husband and I live in a townhome. We really are in a great space, that pretty much fits us perfectly. If we were buying, I would want a few things to be different, but as a rented space it honestly can’t be beat. 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths (A pain when it comes to cleaning), small kitchen, living room, small backyard (That we rarely use), 1 car garage, and a parking space. Like I said, ideal.

I’ll start with our office, which is the second smaller bedroom, as it’s always the biggest disaster. I’m always hoping it will become more organized and less messy now that I’m focusing on more specific areas of my art and don’t always have a ton of projects going on. Of course that’s a dream. I still always have a ton of projects going on, they’re just all in the same family of crafts.


These photos show my main work spaces, although let’s be honest, every surface is fair game. I spend quite a bit of time crafting on the floor. We have a giant LoveSac that sits between 2 of our 4 desks (Yes 4, he has 2, I have 2) that is almost always covered in supplies and half done projects. The left photo is my main crafting desk. I do most of my earrings making there. The photo on the left is actually a “temporary” work space that has been there for months now. It’s basically 2 bar stools with a giant cork board on top. But it works and it’s the perfect height to stand at.


The main bad thing about this townhome is that we don’t have as much storage space as I need for all of the completed art that I have. The left photo is of the corner of our office. Husband was handy and attached a few long shelves to the wall for supply storage, and underneath is where most of my completed art is stored, in milk crates. I’ve gotten really creative with how I have to store things. That one milk crate holds about 35 paintings. tiny paintings are nested inside small paintings, which are nested inside medium paintings, which are nested inside larger paintings. When I sell one and have to go in search, it’s chaos!

The photo on the right is a shot of my entire work space, with my 2 desks, although pretty much the whole office has been taken over by me. I’m sure Eric hates it, but he puts up with it (which pretty much makes him the perfect husband). That door that is blocked by my chair leads to a tiny patio that holds 1 chair and looks directly into my neighbors backyard, so we don’t go out there.


The thing about my home style is that although I do love to decorate, I have a very eclectic and eccentric view of home decor, which I was lucky enough to inherit from my mother. I love that our home feels lived in. To me, that feels inviting, like you can walk in and kick your shoes off and just relax. Most people that come over for the first time seem to feel almost instantly comfortable, and I like to think that can be attributed to my thrift store granny chic style. Not everything has to match, but most everything has to mean something or make me feel something.

We never make our bed and there are always clothes on the floor. Eric doesn’t think making the bed is necessary when you’re just going to get back in it. I pretty much agree with that. We’re also awesome and overcame the blanket thieving that most couples go through at night by having 2 twin size comforters ๐Ÿ˜› It totally works. Pretty much all the art on the walls is mine, with the exception of a few stylized car posters and family photos.

The only new pieces of furniture we own are our dresser, which we bought after we got married, because we were using 2 smaller dressers and it was so unnecessary, and our entertainment center, which takes up an entire wall in the living room (Both Ikea, duh). Aside from that, we love hand me downs, craigslist, and anything else we can get our hands down.


Our kitchen is small and cluttered and there are always dirty dishes in the sink. It’s life. We have a dishwasher, we use it, but sometimes laziness overcomes and we can’t be bothered to load it. The stove is always dirty, because I have actually started cooking, and there are almost always crumbs on the floor. Like I said, life.

The living room is comfy. We have a couch and matching chair that we were lucky enough to buy second hand, but that had barely been used. Our coffee table was free from a friend who didn’t want it anymore.

It’s all pretty no nonsense. I don’t go to a lot of trouble to match because, who cares? We love it, our friends love it, our families love it. That’s all that matters.


I hope you enjoyed this messy little tour of our cluttered home ๐Ÿ™‚


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3 thoughts on “As Promised – Home Tour

  1. Lacy

    Love this! Love the lived in feeling. Sometimes I like leaving a tissue in my bathroom waste baskets for when guests come over because it is SOOOO unrealistic to have an empty bathroom wastebasket in my house with all the allergies we have.

    A very wise friend of mine once invited herself and her hubby over to watch a football game and made a point to tell me over the phone not to clean the house at all because it would make them feel more like family. Awesome.

    Question, are you able to use the patio for storage?


  2. Lacy

    Oh and the only time our bed is made is if my l comes over and makes it for us. We went a step further and bought the adjustable beds that are two twins next to each other – now we can both be comfortable!


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