5 Places I Want to Go in 2016 – No 2

Last week I started a list of the 5 places I want to go this year. No 1 is Arizona, where most of my family now lives, as well as where the Jets will be playing the Cardinals next season. So now, onto No 2!

No 2 – Vegas

I know, this seems so typical, especially for someone who lives so near, in California. Eric and I got engaged in Vegas almost 5 years ago. It was my first trip to Vegas since turning 21 (I was 25 when we went) and I loved it. We don’t do the traditional visit; clubs, gambling, etc. We stay in a non smoking hotel, without a casino, called Vdara. We relax, we drink, we eat. It’s nice and it works for us.

However, we stopped taking our annual trip after the 3rd year, because it started to feel repetitive. The next time we went, we did a turnaround trip with my husband’s best friend. It was fun but we realized we’re too old for that nonsense! We drove out after I got off work (9 hour day) and got there at about 11pm. We sat at a bar for a few hours, drinking and talking, but by about 4am we headed back to the car to pass out. Not getting a hotel room was the worst idea ever. At about 6am we headed to Denny’s for breakfast and we were all a little delirious.

I wish I could remember more of what we were saying to each other, because I remember it being hilarious. We have a few local friends who have a spare room, so we headed over there for a few hours of sleep before we got back on the road home. The trip was about 24 hours total, and it was the best and worst 24 hours I’ve spent in Vegas.

Last year I took my first solo trip, but it wasn’t really a trip to Vegas, so much as a trip to see those two friends who had offered their spare room during the infamous turnaround trip. We went to some local bars and spent a day at the pool, but stayed clear of the strip, as most locals usually do.

This year I turn 30. I don’t really celebrate birthdays, not even my own, but 30 feels like such a milestone. I wanted to do something to remind myself that although 30 always seemed so old, I am still very young. So in June I am visiting Vegas with a few of my friends. We’re staying in a timeshare, probably visiting the pool at M, and doing dinner a few times. Like I said, not your typical Vegas visit, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Look for No 3 some time next week!

Hope your week is wonderful!


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