New Paintings and Mixed Media

Lately I’ve been getting very into painting on paper instead of canvas. It not only costs less, but also takes up a lot less space. I also don’t feel obligated to sell them for as much, which is great for the buyer. Prints are great, but nothing beats an original. Below are a few of my favorites. Some are in my shop (RebeccaSteenPaints on Etsy) and some will be added throughout the month. Consider this a sneak peak 😉

The above two will be released this month, as part of two different series, The Impression and The Response (respectively). These series are my studies of different levels of minimalist works.

These are part of The Architect Series, my first endeavor into painting on paper, with a more minimalist style.


The above painting is part of what I hope to be a large series of floral inspired mixed media works. I’m getting out of my comfort zone, working on paintings with pastels. I love the depth that it adds.



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