Shopping Addict – Saving Saturday

Last week I wrote a post about what I do to save money on necessities like groceries. But let’s be real… I most certainly did not stop spending money on clothes when I quit my job. I did cut back, A LOT, but not completely. I still need to keep my wardrobe somewhat updated, although I don’t expect to keep up with all the latest trends.

So below I have attached a list of a few of my favorite ways to shop without breaking the bank… Too much.


For Clothes –

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really a big spender on clothes before, as far as wearing high end or designer brands. I’ve pretty much always had a low key, laid back, slouchy girl style. And I love it, because I’m always comfortable. That being said, my spending did start to stack up. I swear, I don’t know how I ended up with 7 black and 7 white Mossimo tank tops, it just happened (But seriously folks, I live in those). But I have cut back, majorly. Sometimes though, I still need a piece here or there.

For cute and inexpensive staples, like leggings and tunics, I’ve turned to Jane. The clothes are an amazing price, decent quality, and are constantly changing. The one downside is, if you see it you have to buy it then and there. No time to stop and think. They sell limited quantities and only keep items on their site for a few days. If you see something you love, snag it immediately or else it will be gone.

For accessories I turn to SimpleAddiction. A lot of bracelets and necklaces I own are from this site. I found it on Instagram and have regretted it ever since. I may as well just hand them all my money and tell them to “Keep ’em comin’!” cause I can’t stop. The great thing though, is that most of their absolutely amazing pieces are around $10 and they do clearance sales pretty regularly.

A few of my favorite Simple Addiction pieces.

Now if you’re looking for more than just basics and jewelry, I discovered this gem of a website called SheIn. It has basics too, but I especially like to scour their section for dresses. There is a lot of pinterest worthy fashion going on there.

I also always check RetailMeNot and Ebates when I’m shopping online. RetailMeNot gives coupon codes for online AND in store shopping, while Ebates gives cash back on purchases.

Another great find has been Raise. If you don’t mind waiting for a gift card to be delivered (Some are physical, some are electronic) then this site is for you. Search for any store or restaurant and BAM! Gift card at a discounted rate. It’s basically like using a coupon. The best part is that you can still use coupons when you use your purchased gift card.

I hope that you found this helpful! Have a great weekend.


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