A Little Back Story

I’ve talked multiple times now about the fact that I quit my job to focus on my art full time. I suppose it’s time to dive a little deeper into that subject.

Up until November, I was working full time in Retail Management. For the most part, I liked what I did. I was the Merchandising Manager for a small Japanese company. My position consisted of getting new product to the floor, as well as resetting aisles of existing product. This is the part of the position that I really enjoyed. The other side of what I did was management. In retail, this not only entails managing lower level employees, but also dealing with customer issues. Which there were a lot of.

I’ve worked on and off in retail since I was 16. I’ve held quite a few positions with a lot of different companies. At 19, when I started working at Walgreen’s, I decided I wanted to try retail management. I saw what a few of my managers did and it really interested me. Unfortunately, with that company I was not able to move up. I worked there for 3 years and held 4 different positions (Service Clerk, Photo Technician, Beauty Adviser, Pharmacy Technician). After Walgreen’s, I worked a part time office position but didn’t fully enjoy it.

When Eric and I began dating, he encouraged me to get a more stable position. I applied all over the place, but didn’t hear back, and was beginning to feel discouraged. Finally I heard back from Carter’s. They were hiring for a new location near my home, but only seasonal positions. I decided to try it out, and held on to my existing job as well. After the season I was hired on as a regular part time associate. I went from 3.5 to 12 hours a week. I know it seems like not much, but it was a stable position, and by that time I already realized I was interested in moving up.

A few months later a position for a part time supervisor opened up in my store. I informed my manager of my interest, but was pushed aside. She hired 3 other people, who all subsequently quit. I was then promoted. A lot happened during that time, too much to get into. After about 8 months, I was told a new store was opening up, nearer where Eric lived. As I knew we would be getting married eventually, I decided to move to that store.

Eventually our Assistant Store Manager decided to leave and I was promoted. I worked at Carter’s just shy of my 5 year anniversary. A lot happened that made me leave, but mainly it was because I was not advancing. After leaving for my new position, I realized that it wasn’t my lack of advancement at Carter’s that was making me unhappy. It was me. I was making myself unhappy by my lack of contentment with what I had.

After working at my new job for a year, I realized that wasn’t the only problem. I was extremely unhappy because no matter what position I held, for how long, and no matter how much money I was making, I was not doing what I have always known I wanted to do. No amount of disposable income could hide that fact.

It’s been quite an adjustment, going from two full time incomes down to just one, but it’s well worth it. I have never been as happy as I am right now, and I have never felt so satisfied.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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