Leather Earrings and Two of my Favorite People

Leather earrings are my favorite accessory right now. I pretty much wear them with everything at this point. I wear them at home, with yoga pants and an old t-shirt. I wear them when Eric and I are going out for dinner or drinks. I even wear them in between, when I’m running errands or going to hang out with my nephews. They really do make me feel so put together. I’ll be honest, I was never a fan of large earrings. They just weren’t for me. But when it comes to leather earrings, the bigger the better, because they’re so easy to wear.DSC01786.JPG

My style is hard to define. The best way I can describe it is, punk rock meets fashionista, but lazy. I love skulls and leopard and studs, I accessorize with snarky sayings and band pins, and my ears are gauged. But I also love current trends. The laziness comes in with tunics and leggings, beanies to cover my unwashed hair, and lots of scarves strategically placed to cover the fact that my shirt doesn’t match my outfit. But it is all a part of my style, and I love that. At nearly 30 years old I have finally found my look.

So last week I decided I needed to take photos of these earrings being worn by someone other than me. I am lucky enough to have quite a few people who believe in my work and want to help with whatever they can. So of course, I enlisted two of my favorite people to wear my earrings for photos!

Above from top to bottom, clockwise – Cinnamon Large, White Woven Large, Butterscotch Large, Snakeskin Large, Applesauce Large

Below from top to bottom, clockwise – Jade Large, Rust Large, Rust Small



Acacia prefers the leather earrings in Large (2″) because they make more of a statement, but as far as comfort goes, there is no difference. Whether you wear the large or small size, you will forget you’re wearing them. They are so lightweight and move with you. Because they’re not made with a rigid material, they do not cut into your face or neck, they bend when you bend! Victoria prefers the leather earrings in size Small (1.25″) because they have a more subtle style.

Above from top to bottom, clockwise – Blizzard Small, Jets Green Small, Icicle Large, Snakeskin Small, Scarlet Large

Below from top to bottom – Scarlet Large, White Woven LargeDSC01980DSC01966

And of course, one of my nephews wanted to get in on the picture taking action, so we snapped a few of him as well! He’s a little punk rock, just like auntie 😉

Make sure to head over to my Instagram @RebeccaSteenArt for a giveaway of these earrings! Take a look at my Etsy Shop, RebeccaSteenCrafts to see the styles I currently offer 🙂

I hope your week has started off well!


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