Mini Road Trips and Time Alone

Last week I made the trek out to Indio to see a close friend. I hadn’t had the chance to visit her home since they moved away and I thought it was time. It was nice to finally see where she’s living, spend a little time talking, and just generally relaxing.

I always forget that there’s still a lot of open space in Southern California

Up until last year, I had never taken a road trip by myself, not even a mini trip. The furthest I had driven alone was from Orange County to Riverside, when Eric and I began dating. But last year I got the wild idea that I should drive to Vegas. I have a few friends that live out there that I rarely get to see, so it was the perfect destination for my first solo trip.

When I was working full time, the idea of having to get behind the wheel was exhausting for me. Nobody enjoys driving in rush hour traffic. I assumed that the task of driving somewhere far would be the same.

Boy was I wrong! I loved it. I love that when I’m driving alone, I’m the one in control of everything. We’re all guilty of being backseat drivers, at least occasionally, but when you’re driving alone you don’t have to worry about that. It was also nice being able to stop when I wanted to, choose the music, and sing as loudly as I felt (off key too!). It can be fun to let my mind wander a bit too, and see where my thoughts take me, what random old memories will come up.

At the end of the trip though, I always wish I didn’t have to drive home. Of course once I get in the car and start getting the road trip feels again, those thoughts disappear, but I always start out dreading the idea of the drive back. I guess maybe it’s because it gives a sense of finality to the trip, and nobody wants to feel that vacation is coming to an end.


So when I started to plan for my day trip out to Indio, I decided to be positive about it and not look at it as though it were a chore. The drive only takes about 90 minutes, there’s no traffic during the week, and once again I got to choose the music.

Not a bad day trip, and we even planned our next road trip to Vegas! Although this one will have quite a few backseat drivers 😉

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday 🙂


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