Cutting Back – Saving Saturday

If you look back at my first post you’ll see that about 2 months ago I quit my full time job to head out on my own in the art world. It has been a shock to my system for sure, but I am enjoying every minute of it. Not only do I now have time to work on all those projects that I started months or even years ago, but I also have time to focus on selling my art, and spending time with my husband.

However, it is not all fun all the time. Of course I knew going into it that it would be a big change, financially especially, but I also knew that if I didn’t do something, I was heading for a full fledged breakdown.

If I’m going for complete honesty here, I’ll say that I’m struggling much more than Eric to adjust to living on one income. When we were both working full time, it was easy to justify my casual spending by saying “I work, I deserve this.” Now that I don’t have that to fall back on, I’m trying to be much more careful with what I spend our money on, but it’s hard.

There are always going to be necessities that I can’t get around paying for, but I’m trying to adjust to buying only what we absolutely need and not much else. Below is a list of things that I’m doing (With links) to help ease myself into spending less.


For Groceries –

Of course there’s always store brand, but sometimes a Shasta Cola just doesn’t cut it when you’re craving a Coke, so I joined MyCokeRewards and signed up for a few of their offers to receive 100 free points. I then redeemed them on a deal they had for free 12 packs (only 30 points!). After redeeming the coupons, I received codes from each box (30 points). You see what I did there?

I also started using apps such as Snap, Ibotta, and Checkout51 that give you cash back on the regular groceries you buy. It takes a little time and planning to get the most out of it, but it is definitely worth it! Ibotta is especially great if you buy any sort of alcohol. If you’re not super picky about brands, you can check the app for what they’re offering cash back on at the time. They almost always have at least one brand of each type of liquor, plus wine and beer.

Another noteworthy mention is Target. Target stores now have a grocery section, and some even have a full grocery center. Eric refuses to grocery shop there because he hates the way they set up their checkout area, staggered, with lines going everywhere. However, sometimes I will go myself and buy essentials that I know will be cheaper. I usually plan ahead by looking through their ad, checking Cartwheel, checking Target coupons, and also their mobile coupons. Because Target coupons and manufacturer coupons are different, you can combine them. Isn’t it just amazing that something like this exists? I love it. I have cut a bill down from over $100, to less than $40. And i’m not even an extreme couponer!

One of my favorite sites to check before I buy anything really, is FreeStuffFinder. The site’s founder, Tina, is adorable and really just wants to help people. If I wanted to really get into extreme couponing, she would be my guru. On any given day, I could get deep into that website. Eric’s really lucky we don’t have the space, otherwise I would be a Coupon Queen!


I guess the moral of the story is, with time and energy you can basically save money on anything.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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