Throwback Thursday – Starting Out

I had a really great conversation with my mom a few days ago. We were talking about when she realized that I was more artistic and creative than my siblings.

I was about 3 years old. My mom said that I was constantly cutting up any paper I could find, gluing it to more paper, then adding tape and staples. She would go looking for the tape or staples and after thoroughly searching and not finding, she would realize that it was because I had used them for my latest art project.

My grandmother on my dad’s side definitely encouraged the creativity. She wasn’t close with the girls in my family, she only had 3 granddaughters (my sister and I) so she always preferred the boys (There are 5). But as I got older and more into art, we became closer. She taught me to paint, and although I never adhered to the strict rules she tried to teach me, I was drawn to it. When she passed away, I was left all of her painting supplies and a few of her paintings.

These are two of my favorites of grandma’s paintings.


Abstract has always been my favorite style. I don’t know if that’s simply because I was never able to finely tune my skills to paint anything else, or if it’s because of the pull I naturally feel to that style. Mom said when I was a kid, I would bring her a piece of paper with lines on it and would say “That one is mom, that one is dad.” As I got a little older, my stick figures progressively looked more and more like people, but they were still only stick figures.

This little gem wasn’t dated – but i’m pretty sure I was about 7


I know I get my creative nature from both of my parents. My mom was an artist as a child, and still loves to create, albeit more useful items. Dad has an adventurous mind. He’s always thinking about things he wants to try to make. I definitely got that from him. I think of multiple new projects a day that I would love to start. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I start without finishing them.

Currently, I’m working on a wall hanging, a crochet blanket (that I started almost 10 years ago), a cross stitch gift bag, leather earrings, and a painting or two. These are the projects I’ve started, but there’s a multitude of other ideas I would love to work on.

For now though, I think I’ll stick to the 5 or so projects in progress. Part of my list of goals for 2016 is to finish all of the projects I have previously started. Let’s just say I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Hope you had a great week and have a better weekend!


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